12 Strand Dyneema® manufactured with DM20 yarn finished with the English Braids XPS treatment to reduce all constructional extension.

English Braids Dynastay has been designed using the latest Dyneema® fibre DM20. Forming part of the standing rigging collection the focus has been on the on-going weight reduction through the use of Synthetic materials. The DM20 fibres ensures that creep is kept to a minimum while the manufacturing after treatment ensures that the constructional stretch is removed from the ropes before use. The product is spliced into place by a professional rigger and steel wire can be swapped diameter for diameter while delivering far higher maximum break loads therefore increased safety margins. The product has found niches in both commercial and yachting world and has changed the rules when considering traditional deep water moorings. The cross industry fertilization allowing for quicker acceptance to the market.

Data Table
CodeDiameter (mm)Weight (kg/100m)Breaking Load (kg)
5503 3 0.7 1.200
5505 5 1.56 2.500
5507 7 3.56 6.000


9 5.40 8.750
5511 11 7.55 12.200
5513 13 10.7 17.000
Technical Information
Construction 12 strand n/a
Material Dyneema® n/a
Specific gravity 0.97 n/a
Resistance to acid Very Good n/a
Resistance to alkali Very Good n/a
Resistance to UV Very Good n/a
Resistance to heat Poor n/a
Features and Benefits
  • Ultra low creep
  • Huge weight savings
  • Constructional stretch eliminated on lower diameters
  • Easily stored
  • Not affected by UV
  • Rigger fitted