Halyards & Sheets


A-Tech Specification

The blend of aramids in the cover provide protection to the ropes core with particular reference to heat build up. The twist mix construction ensures that the rope delivers a balanced blend.


D-Tech Specification

The Dyneema® core is protected with a cover manufactured from Dyneema® and polyester. This provides an optimal blend of abrasion resistance and longevity.

Dynamic Line SK78

Dynamic Line SK78 Specification

The 12 strand construction is used to ensure that the maximum strength is delivered through the rope providing a high diameter for breaking load ratio. The product is colour coated. 100% Dyneema® SK78 delivers ultimate strength for diameter. Available in a range of colours through PU coatings.


T-Tech Specification

High performance is delivered through a core manufactured with Dyneema, while the protection levels offered by the cover are increased through the addition of Technora into the outer jacket.

Mooring Lines