Dynamic Line SK78

The 12 strand construction is used to ensure that the maximum strength is delivered through the rope providing a high diameter for breaking load ratio. The product is colour coated. 100% Dyneema® SK78 delivers ultimate strength for diameter. Available in a range of colours through PU coatings.

Diameter specific range of 12 strand Dyneema® to ensure that the diameter work with any other hardware. The product is manufactured from Dyneema® SK78 in a 12 strand formation with a fairly tight pitch to ensure that abrasion resistance is good while spliceablity is maintained.

Technical Information
Construction 12 strand n/a
Material Dyneema® n/a
Specific gravity 0.98 n/a
Resistance to acid Very Good n/a
Resistance to alkali Very Good n/a
Resistance to UV Very Good n/a
Resistance to heat Poor n/a
Extension at 50% 2.2%
Extension at break  
Data Table
Diameter (mm)Weight (kg/100)Breaking Strain (kg)
2 0.4 477
3 0.5 918
4 0.7 1.620
5 0.9 2.340
6 1.6 2.700
8 2.8 4.500
Features and Benefits
  • 12-strand construction 
  • Very high strength to weight ratio
  • Treated with specialised marine coating
  • Very long lasting in a marine environment 
  • Stronger then steel 
  • Safer that steel in operation