E-Braid 3

Through utilising a 3 strand centre core the rope remains round while delivering low stretch and good abrasion resistance.

Our classic polyester sheet rope with the hard wearing sheath and 3 strand core. For reduced stretch we give these ropes a heat treatment that also improves the flexibility and roundness. A good, proven and trusted rope in any condition.

Technical Information
Construction 3 strand 32 plait
Material Polyester Polyester
Specific gravity 1.38 1.38
Resistance to acid Yes Yes
Resistance to alkali Yes Yes
Resistance to UV Yes Yes
Resistance to heat ^230 C ^230 C
Extension at 50%  
Extension at break  
Data Table
Diameter (mm)Weight (kg/100)Breaking Strain
8 5.0 1,900
10 7.5 2,990
12 11.5 3,880
14 115.5 5,380
Features and Benefits
  • 3-strand core with 32-plait polyester cover
  • Heat set and pre-stretched
  • Tighter pitch 
  • 'One over one under one' construction
  • Good longevity 
  • Reduced dirt ingress
  • Low stretch and extension 
  • Retains shape under compression 
Typical Applications
  • Sheet rope