D-Tract Winchline Ultimate

The D-Tract standard is given the XPS treatment to reduce the diameter while adding a UHMWPE cover to provide superior abrasion resistance to the product.

Building on the higher tenacity of the D-Tract Competition, the D-Tract Ultimate has looked to ensure that the core is protected through a Dyneema® cover. The rope is factory spliced due to the tight weave and therefore only available in the assemblies.
The cover ensures that dirt ingress is kept to a minimum while also providing a method in which rope retirement is possible allowing the product a broader scope of usage outside of the 4x4 market.

Technical Information
Construction 12 strand n/a
Material Dyneema® n/a
Specific gravity 0.97 n/a
Resistance to acid Very Good n/a
Resistance to alkali Very Good n/a
Resistance to UV Very Good n/a
Resistance to heat Poor n/a
Extension at 50%  
Extension at break  
Data Table
Diameter (mm)Breaking StrainWeight (per 100m)
9 9,700 5.5
11 13,630 7.6
12 16,000 9.0
13 19,000 11.0
Features and Benefits
  • Ultra high tenacity core
  • Possible use outside of recreational use
  • Motor sport completion approved
  • Special weave cover to minimise dirt ingress
  • Specialised coating to ensure core cover bonding
  • All Dyneema® construction