Vectran Parachute Lines

Parachuting demands fibres that can withstand extreme stress and high levels of heat, because of this aramid fibres such as Vectran and Dacron are essential.  English Braids have developed bespoke Vectran lines to be made up into line sets by specialist riggers.  English Braids developed a range for this sector in conjunction with one of the UKs most prominent parachute riggers.   Parachutes are used widely across the globe both for recreational activities such as sports parachuting and tandem skydiving.  They are also used widely by special forces operatives to insert covertly into hostile environments. 


Our lines are widely used on the UKs fleet of tandem parachutes, English Braids are well known for trust, reliability, technical knowledge and our desire to produce high performance products in safety critical industries.


As both a UK parachute Instructor and a former serving military Parachute instructor, our industrial Sales Manager Chris Duffy knows the importance of quality high performance products.


"Prior to my current role I served as a member of an elite cadre within the UK military responsible for the delivery and application of parachute training and operations.   Trust in both the equipment and training was pivotal to ensuring that I could perform my role.  English Braids has a reputation for innovation, quality and is trusted by its users, this reputation is enhanced by our desire to seek new areas to develop and improve.  High quality vectran lines enable parachutists and servicemen to enjoy their sport and fulfil their missions across the globe"




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