As a manufacturer English Braids is committed to ensuring that it complies with both existing and future environmental legislation. This commitment will ensure that we operate an efficient and ethical manufacturing plant allowing a sustainable future for manufacturing in the UK. These actions reach through our supply chain down to the end user. English Braids is fully committed to the reduction of carbon emissions and the long-term battle against climate change.



English Braids operates within the existing codes of conduct applicable to manufacturing within the UK.

Continuous improvement

English Braids is committed to improving the environmental performance of our processes and products through research and development of new technologies, preventing and reducing emissions and releases, minimising waste and controlling noise.

Management systems

English Braids is committed to implementing an effective internal environmental management system and ensuring the environmental awareness of our workforce, encouraging every employee to act in an environmentally responsible manner.

Monitoring & reporting

English Braids is constantly monitoring environmental performance and reports progress on policy objectives and improvement targets on a regular basis. This is being supported through investment in technology and systems to support this initiative.

A green supply chain

English Braids looks to encourage suppliers and contractors to behave in a responsible manner and to maintain sound environmental practices, which can be beneficial throughout the product lifecycle.