Elite Product Range

The use of Dyneema SK78, Dyneema SK90 and the latest development Dyneema SK99, has led to increased questions being asked of deck hardware in operation.  

Increased loads and low stretch characteristics have put significant strains on winches and other rope associated hardware. In order to compensate for these challenges manufacturers have improved the specifications of their equipment. These improvements however have seen the covers of ropes come under significant pressure and often the cover will fail before the core, therefore cutting the investment short.

In order to combat these challenges, English Braids have developed and launched the Elite product cover range. This cover range is designed to be applied to Dyneema ropes up to 24mm in diameter. Above this size, the principles of the product range can be used to address specific design challenges more aligned to offshore activity and traditional polyester and nylon ropes.

Through the blending of Aramid fibres, such as Kevlar, Technora and Twaron, and other technical fibres including PBO, Vectran and Dyneema it is possible to design a rope which exhibits characteristics aligned to a specific problem or challenge. Typically the technical fibre will be blended with polyester or polyamide to provide a balanced product.

Typical problems encountered may include some of the following,

  • Excessive heat build up
  • Lack of friction on winch drums
  • UV degradation
  • Resistance to abrasion or cutting
  • Resistance to chemicals

The Elite product range is made to order and customer specification. Our in-house technical team will look to work with our customers or partners to design the best possible solution.

The standard range consists of the following,

  • A-Tech                                       Aramid and Polyester blend
  • D- Tech                                      Dyneema and Polyester blend
  • V-Tech                                       Vectran and Polyester Blend
  • T – Tech                                     Technora and Polyester Blend 
  • Z – Tech                                     Zylon and Polyester blend
  • DT – Tech                                   Dyneema and Technora blend